About us

It all started with a desire to find gifts that could take your breath away. Keeping that in mind, the journey for our company began a few years back when we found what we can call a ‘PERFECT PRESENT’.

We are a team of enthusiasts who care for your feelings and understand that gifts aren’t just formalities. These are the bundle of joy that brings a smile to the face of those you care for.

So, what could have been a better way to express love if not through gifts that help bring positive vibes to the house.

Thus, after a lot of brainstorming, we came up with moon lamps. These are very different from the usual lights and could make a promising change in the lives of your loved ones.

Since then, it has been an enthralling journey. Being able to serve hundreds of clients from different parts of the UK, we have found a meaning for our existence.

We strive to make our customers happy with their purchases. Therefore, we keep experimenting with our products’ designs to keep updating our catalogue to bring more options for you to choose from.

Committed to offering the most exciting experience to our customers, we stay connected at every step of your purchase. And ensure you are always satisfied with our products.

How Do We Operate?

Our company operates on the most important values that have helped us connect with a huge customer base in a very short time.

  • Most Authentic Products

Focusing on what our customers want, we design the most authentic moon lamps in the UK. From material to adhesives to the technology used to fabricate these products, everything is chosen after thorough research

  • Putting Your Feedback to Work

We love collecting feedback from our customers to meet their needs, as closely as possible. Understanding that there is always the scope to do better, we welcome your take on our products and work harder to meet your expectations.

  • Always Reachable

Do not worry if you have a question about our product, before or after the purchase is made. We solve all your doubts to ensure you have all the answers related to our product to have a pleasant experience afterwards.